Saturday, October 8, 2016

Friends - Junior Edition

I recently wrote a post about Friends where I explained that my daughter was a bit sad this school year because one of her closest friends moved to another state over the summer and her other closest friend was in a different classroom. I also mentioned that the terrific trio would be seeing each other again this past weekend. daughter was kind enough to write a few words about friends from her perspective. (Note: I have only listed the friends by their first initial because I am not sure how comfortable their parents are with posting info about their children to the world. Plus it gives the the post a real Men In Black vibe.) Without further ado, here's her story:


"Agent K"

"Agent M"

"Agent E"

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I have to say this is a great pleasure and honor to have my second grade daughter guest post on average jester. Her passion for reading and writing leads me to believe she will have a blog of her own one day and possibly a book or two. I am very proud of her for being able to do this for me and very thankful that she took time away from her own fun to write a post for me.