Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Lieb it to me to mess this up

For those of you who may never have heard about it, there is this wonderful thing out there in the blogosphere called the Liebster Award. It's an award bloggers are nominated for by their fellow bloggers. Basically it's a way to recognize other bloggers for their hard work and spotlight their work for others to see.

Well, thanks to a wonderful gal by the name of Susan, I have been nominated for this award. Susan writes (among other things) a blog called Woman on the Ledge. I am very grateful to her for nominating me and I hope she understands when I bend the rules on this and put a little twist on it of my own. There are technically "Official Rules of the Liebster Award (2016 Edition)" that I am supposed to follow, but I tend to think (and act) outside the box.

Rule #1 - Thank the person who nominated you.
I totally nailed this one above by thanking Susan. I should probably do more to thank her since it's the first blogging award I have ever been nominated for, but I think she'll forgive me....because she's awesome!

Rule #2 - Display the Liebster Award logo in your blog post. 
Once again, I'm right on track. Even I can handle copying and pasting a logo...

Rule #3 - Write 150-300 words about your favorite blog (that's not your own). 
I'm going to go a little off track here in that I want to include more than one blog. Since Susan was kind enough to nominate me, I will write a little (fictional) story about how we met. Here goes:

As I was enjoying the view from the balcony on my high rise apartment building, I noticed a WOMAN ON THE LEDGE who seemed quite distraught. I began talking to her only to realize she was upset with the state of blogging today. With all THE WHACKO BLOGS out there, it's apparently hard to get noticed. Being a blogger myself, I understood her pain and did what I could to help her out.

It's not everyday you can have LIFE EXPLAINED in simple, down to earth terms, but I thought I'd give it a try. My wife, SARAH, SIMPLIFIED this for me a while back amidst the CHAOTIC KIDS & CLUTTER that make up our everyday life. She said we can't all walk around in fields of LAVENDER INSPIRATION hoping that THE GRATITUDE LETTERS will start rolling in from your hard work. Life doesn't work that way.

If you just BELIEVE - CHANGE - BECOME, you will be amazed what becomes of your work. Sure, there may be rough times, but when that happens you just need be a GOOD LITTLE INDIAN and suck it up. It's not like you're trying to fit THE SQUARE PEG into a round hole and you don't have to be Secret AGENT 54 to figure that out. It's not as hard as trying to say "SENCZYSZAK" three times real fast and it's certainly no SUSAN JOY CLARK mystery.

Right about then, ADELE ARCHER BOOKS it across the patio and tells me to shut up. Apparently, Susan had heard enough of my rambling nonsense and was about to jump just to escape my story telling. I figured she was in good hands now and I could go grab a pint with THOG. The rest is history...

Rule #4 - (Where'd it go??)
I have yet to see a rule #4. I looked at a few different past nominations and the listings of Liebster Award rules seems to be missing number four. I'm clearly not too concerned about following the rules, but that makes me want to do more research to find out what's so secretive about rule number four.

Rule #5 - Nominate 5-11 others, BUT they have to have less than 200 followers to qualify. 
I'm really breaking the rules here. On one hand, I listed a whole bunch of blogs above that deserve a Liebster Award. On the other hand, I don't know that any of them have fewer than 200 followers already. Considering how many blogs and books are being produced by the writers above, I don't know if any of them have the time to write a Liebster Award post....or another one in many cases.

I am also horrible about locating new bloggers to follow as I myself am relatively new/green to the whole blogging world. I am trying to learn from the Pros above right now and hoping to focus more on identifying other new blogs to follow as time goes on. However you want to look at it, I consider all of the above bloggers as nominated by me for the Liebster Award yet I don't pressure any of them to act on acknowledging the nomination.

Rule #6 - List the rules in the post
I technically did this via the link at the beginning of this post as well as the bold headings to each section. All in all, I think I did a fairly decent job of following the rules while still throwing my own twist to it. My two little girls would be proud of me for almost following the directions.

Rule #7 - Let everyone know they've been nominated
Well, I will do my best to tag everyone above in my post, but if I forgot anyone - my apologies.

All joking aside - I am truly grateful to have been nominated for the Liebster Award. I have learned a lot about blogging and made numerous friends in the blogging world thanks to the camaraderie and shared promotion between bloggers. Many thanks again to Susan for nominating me and thanks to everyone who's been kind enough to read my rambling nonsense over the past 2+ years. Until next time....