Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Reading Rewind

Yesterday was a dark day in the Zahrt household. Our cable connection was flaking out and didn't get repaired for nearly 24 hours. It would be one thing if it was a major outage and the crews were working non-stop to get it fixed, but it was just us. It was apparently some connection with the main line feeding our house because the repairman fixed it during the day today without needing access to our home.

We all learned a little bit last night. My wife learned the frustration of not being able to work her (greatly online) side business. My girls learned that the DVD player still puts movies on the tv just like the good old days. I realized that I hadn't read a book in over two months. 

I'm pretty sure that reading is almost as important as writing when one of your passions is to write. I spend so much time writing blogs in the evening that I feel like vegging before bed. I have gotten into an enjoyable, but maybe regrettable, habit of watching a bit of Netflix in bed before I fall asleep at night. 

On a semi-related side note, Netflix has even better compression than I thought. I learned a long time ago that I can reboot my router while streaming Netflix and not have the show so much as pause. I learned last night during the intermittent internet signal that watching Netflix was still possible....but a bit choppy at points.

Either way, I finally gave up on that and grabbed one of the books I had been meaning to read and got back into my habit of reading myself to sleep rather than watching Netflix. I didn't make it more than a few pages before I was fast asleep. Not because of the book though. I was reading a great Andy McNab book. I'm beginning to think there may actually be some truth to the idea that too much screen time before bed  will keep you awake. 

I think it's time I got back into my reading cycle. Lately my "pleasure reading" has been limited to the many blogs I enjoy following. I'm curious if my old reading habits will return. I tend to read various genres in cycles. 

Since I started back into it with Andy McNab, I will probably stick to the military, spy time theme for a while. That means there's a bit of Vince Flynn (only one book left of his I haven't read), Keith Thompson and Brad Thor in my near future.

That will probably transition into some Lee Child with a good ex-Army MP Jack Reacher novel or two. That in turn will feed my desire to read some crime dramas which will bring James Patterson, David Baldacci and John Sandford into the mix.

City crime will start to wear on me and I'll want a breath of fresh air. That means I will shift to CJ Box and Craig Allen Jonson (as in Longmire) to follow law enforcement in the wild. Once I get here in the cycle, I always want to shift to a good old cowboy book....or was it space cowboy?? Westerns and Space novels always intrigued me, but I have yet to take the time to research a find a few good authors in either genre. (Feel free to comment any suggestions.) 

All I know is that I am once again excited to get back into reading. Who knows what ideas it will give me on the writing front. Time will tell...assuming I can stay awake longer than a few pages at a time before bed when I'm worn out. Until next time....